Boxing Day Tobogganing

Well, we got a white Christmas after all, so today, we decided to head out and do some tobogganing. So, we got all our snow gear on and Christina found an awesome spot down by the Redhill Creek where we often go hiking.

Park in the parking lot on the map, and you should see a bit of a trail heading south, across the ditch. Just follow it until you see the hills.

It’s great fun for the kids and the adults alike. Plus, it’s a great workout! We were there about an hour, and according to my watch, I burned about 800 calories! Not bad.

Christina didn’t fair as well as she took a bit of a bump to the head on the way down with Lukas and sat the rest of the time out. He walked away from the crash unscathed.

I also took some videos for those who might not get snow, or don’t get the chance to go down the hills anymore. Here’s Brynnley going down one of steeper hills:

And here’s me chasing Ronan down another hill:

And lastly a POV shot if you want to feel like you’re racing down the hill yourself (but without all the bumps):

Anyways, that was our fun on the slopes.

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  1. Hello Meyers Clan, I used to go there but you can park at the top if you go on Mohawk Road east where it ends at Mountainbrow, turn right in the parking lot is right away on your right I believe it’s the Bruce Trail parking, and just cross the street right at the corner of Mohawk and you were at the top of I believe the same park King’s Forest, back in the day that used to be a Ski hill, it was marked no tobogganing for years but I believe they just did that to not have liability because hundreds of people go there, A lot closer to your house this way, Great access and normally ample parking

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