September 2020

Our Hive Smells Bad

This is pretty much all day every day lately. They’re pulling in goldenrod nectar and pollen which, unfortunately, makes the hive smell a bit like sweaty socks. It doesn’t have the usual nice smell of honey and beeswax at the moment. But apparently that’s normal and once the nectar becomes honey, it will taste perfectly

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Orientation Flights

I think there’s a heavy nectar flow somewhere that just bloomed. The bees are in and out like crazy. Usually there are a couple dozen hanging around the landing board. Not this morning. Other than a few guards, everyone is either taking off or bringing in resources – nectar and pollen mostly, though bees will

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Kicking bees and wasps out

Christina got this video of one bee kicking out another bee. Not exactly sure what the reason is. Could be she was drunk/had fermented nectar (they don’t tolerate that), or that she was from another colony and wasn’t welcome (fear of robbing resources), or they felt she was in some other way damaged and unwanted.

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