90 lbs of Honey and a Ton of Bees

Took a peak in the hive today. Tons of bees on the outside.

And wall to wall bees on the inside. This is a look between the slats of the brood box (the bottom painted box), it’s like that for about 9 inches down, then 3 more shallower boxes on top about 4.5″ deep each.

They are packed in there. Two of the shallow boxes are nearly full. That’s about 30lbs of honey each. The third is close. So, that’s 90lbs, not counting the brood box, which, if full could be up to 75lbs (minus frames used for brood, and they haven’t filled all the frames with comb yet). Still, I think they’re going to ready for winter, even a bad one. Usually they say June is too late to catch a swarm because they don’t have enough time to get stores for the winter, but these bees seem to be doing just fine.

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