Christina Checks Out the Hive

About a week after the previous post, we wanted to check in again on them and see what they’re up to. This time Christina was feeling up to pulling out frames.

By now, we’d given up on the protective gear. Actually, I don’t think Christina ever wore it. The upper boxes didn’t have a lot of bees in them at the time. Just a few clusters here and there working on repairing comb for when it would be needed.

But, one we got down to the larger box, it was a different story.

Almost an entire frame full of brood. Some honey in the corner, and some holes, which could be for heater bees (to warm up the hive), or larvae that didn’t make it and got pulled out. But other than that, almost wall to wall brood. This is something like 3,000 baby bees, just on this side of the frame, nearly ready to hatch.

We also got to see some eggs and growing larvae:

In this picture, you can actually see all 4 stages:

Eggs at the top, larvae in the middle, capped brood (pupae) at the bottom, and then grown worker bees.

Even Lukas came to check it out

And here are some bee gymnastics:

And that was about it for that day.

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